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Friday, December 03, 2010

12 Days til Christmas: Santa Subway Art

Here's another printable for you... Santa Subway Art.  Celebrate with Santa all around the world!  Click, then right click and save to your computer and then print off your hard drive.  Enjoy.  I made it 10"x8".


  1. So cute! I love printables! Thanks so much!

    Thanks for entering the craft contest!

  2. Cant wait to check out your Etsy shop...
    I'm now following you through the Boost My Blog Friday Blog Hop! I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

    Sofia's Ideas

  3. Thanks for the free printable --Your creativity is remarkable! :-)

  4. Krista- I appreciate you sharing your printable! Thanks so much for linking to the party - I greatly appreciate it! I featured these today - stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you have a lovely week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  5. I love your printables. this one is sure cute.

  6. This is so cute, I am loving the subway art right now :)

    Thanks for linking up to Hooray for the Holidays!

  7. I would love to get your printables. Thanks so much for making these. They are adorable!


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