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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Super Simple Pudding

My sisters love pudding, but it gets expensive to buy it in the snack packs.  It's WAAY cheaper to buy the cheap box mixes and put it in your own container if you have the need of transporting it.  And I love that you can dress it up as dessert after dinner or just play it down and enjoy.  Yummy!

1 box of Jell-O pudding mix
 (I use the generic sometimes and am just as satisfied)
Fresh Mint Leaves
Fresh Raspberries
Whipped Cream Topping

Mix the pudding according to the instructions on the package.  Let set.  Garnish with whipped cream topping.  Carefully place a mint sprig and couple of raspberries on top.  Drizzle chocolate syrup over the top for an extra elegant, extra sweet treat.  Enjoy! 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fanciful Friday: Inspirational Framed Quotes

How cute are these?  I am in love with the way they came out.  I made them as gifts.  The quotes are printed on 4x6" premium photo paper or 5x7" premium photo paper.  Other embellishments (such as ribbon, foam sheets, paper, and a matte) are added.  The quote is completely personalizable.  Any color scheme is available, which is one of the things I love.  The finished project is either 8x10" or 11x14".  The pink one is 8"x10".  The blue one is 11"x14" and a little better quality picture frame.  I'm giving a similar one to my mom for Mother's Day... yes, I know I'm WAAAY late.  Sorry, Momma.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday: Kiss Exchange

What better way to enhance the love life than to mix love and chocolate!?!  Here's what you do:

Grab a bag of Hersey's Kisses from the store.  Open them and hide them around the house for your honey to find.  You may have to give the kids a few to keep them out of the hidden treasure.  When your lover walks through the door (or when they find the first kiss) explain that you've hidden some treasure around the house.  Each time they find one they have the option to eat it or to cash it in for a real kiss from you.  Promise the kisses they cash in will be well worth the sacrifice of chocolate, and follow up on the promise.  You might have to hold back the smooches a bit, to offer some incentives for trading.  Try sharing a chocolaty kiss when you share both kinds of kisses at once.  =]  Ooh la la. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Taco Soup

This is super simple, super quick and super delicious.  This is one of my hubby's favorite fall time meals.  It's warm, it's got a little bit of a kick to it and it doesn't take long to cook.

1 can cut green beans, undrained
1 can whole kernel corn, undrained
2 roma tomatoes, diced
1 avocado, sliced
1/2 lbs ground hamburger, browned
1 can sliced olives
1 can black beans, rinsed
1 can kidney beans, rinsed
1 packet taco seasoning

Mix all the ingredients in a large pot.  Don't drain the green beans and the corn, the corn and green bean juice help make up the soup.  Add 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of water to the pot and stir in the taco seasoning (mild or hot, per your tastes).  Turn the stove to medium high and cover the pot.  Let simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Dish into bowls and top with a dollop of sour cream, shredded cheese and crushed tortilla chips.  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fanciful Friday: Vinyl Letters

I love being able to cut my own vinyl!!  This lettering I did in 1.5 inches.  It's above our bathroom mirror upstairs and I love it.  I'd been wanting to put something like this up for a while.  Bathroom decor usually bores me, it all seems to be the same... or at least very similar.  I found this idea and fell in love.  It may be similar to a ton of others, but hey, I love pretending to be a princess.

If you're interested in ordering your own custom vinyl... Check out my Etsy Shop, and shoot me a convo.
The "Yes, you are the fairest of them all." quote is available for purchase in my ETSY shop.  Convo me to set up a custom listing.  
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