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Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring is Sure to Follow Printables

We’ve little ‘tastes’ of spring time, but ugly old winter is still hanging on.  I wish winter would just go away!  I’m very, VERY ready for flip flops and sunshine, flowers and gentle breezes.  I’m not asking for summer, but I’m tired of wearing my winter coat.  I really like this quote.  It’s a great reminder that, eventually, the sunshine will come.  I also love that it can be applied in a more general idea too.  No matter what challenges come our way, at some point things have to start going up again.  Enjoy!  If you do something cool, or not so cool, send me a link!

Click HERE to go to the 4shared site.  You can navigate to the other colors from there by clicking on the images of the other pieces.  If you have any problems with 4shared, email me and I’ll send you back a copy of the ones you want (make sure you include which ones you’d like).  Oh, and the first two actually are different, the first is a white background (providing you the option to print on any paper you’d like).  The second is a little more creamy colored, rather than a stark white background.  Just FYI… didn’t want you thinking, “Hey, crazy lady!  Those are the same!”


  1. Oooo, I love it!!! It does seem like winter is hanging on no matter what the calendar says. Last year I was snapping pics of flowering trees and flower buds. This year things are just starting to sprout.

  2. I love the purple one. This is good thing to remember. Around here, it will get to the 80s and 90s and the back down to 30s it's hard to believe spring will ever come and stay for a while.

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  3. I need this sentiment! Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond The Picket Fence.

  4. Congrats on hitting 1,000!

    I love those printable...

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice! Hope to see you back this week...


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