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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do You Pin?

Ever heard of Pinterest?  Well, if not, you are seriously missing out on some good stuff.  What is Pinterest?  Basically, it’s a visual collection of your bookmarks, organized by categories you establish.  It has social networking options as well, if that’s your sort of thing.  I use it mostly as a bookmarking tool.

It’s amazing.  I’m totally addicted.  I honestly don’t remember when or where I first heard about Pinterest, but I had to request an invite to the site.  I waited less than a week for my invite, but I hear the wait is longer now.  If you are invited by someone who is already a member of the site (say… me?) you can start pinning right away.  (If you would like an invite, leave me a comment or email me with your email address and I’ll send you one.)

My favorite part?  You can make your own categories.  I always got frustrated with my bookmarks because they weren’t organized, it was just one big list.  And it stretched on and on and on and on forever.  I currently have 15 boards, or separate categories, that I pin things to.  For example, my Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails board has ideas for things to do with my Little Monkey.  And my Fan the Flame board has ideas for date night.  It’s awesome.  I can go straight to the source of what I’m looking for and not have to go through and sort ideas.

With my bookmarks it was all just text.  With Pinterest, you get pictures!  I’m definitely a visual person and I love the visual aspect.

Go check it out.  And like I said, if you want an invite, let me know.


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