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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekend Wander #44

Gah!  So, I didn't get any facebook features done this week.  Sorry, peeps.  Hopefully, next week won't be quite so hectic.  Anyways, this party is up a bit earlier than normal, but I'm exhausted.  So, you all party your little hearts out while I go take a nap.  But first, a few features from last week's party.

Anna @ Ask Anna has some great suggestions for organizing a dorm room.  These tips are great for everyone though, so head over and check them out.  And then come organize my house... pretty please?!

Amanda @ City Girl Gone Coastal (btw, jealous!  I could use a beach fix right about now) has a great tutorial on making your own window frame.  I have a similar project in the works that I keep putting off.  Maybe seeing how cute her finished product is will give me a kick in the pants to get it done soon...

Over at Tales of a Trophy Wife you can find a great tutorial for recovering your ironing board.  My mom really needs a new cover for hers.  Is that a totally lame Christmas gift?  In any case, this is on the 'possibilities' list.  Btw, love. LOVE, L.O.V.E that fabric.

Congrats ladies.  Grab a featured button, if you'd like.

Thanks for linking everyone!

And let's get this week a rockin' and a rollin'!  Make sure you go a little mingling!  It's a party, after all.  Don't be lame and stand in the corner alone, go make some new friends!  And, GO!

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