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Monday, January 31, 2011

The ABC's of Love: A is for

The suggested words for A:

A -  Aphrodisiac, Adventure, Anniversary, Amore, Aboard, Admirer, Affection, Afternoon, Allowance, Always, Amaze, Anonymous, Animal, Attempt, and Attract.

These were words that I had ideas for.  If you need some inspiration, shoot me an email and let me know what word you have in mind.  

Some Ideas:

Aphrodisiac- According to The Reader's Digest, the top ten aphrodisiacs are avocados, bananas, chili peppers, honey, pine nuts, figs, arugula, coffee, oysters and chocolate.  I would add grapes and strawberries... And lingerie, but that's just me.  Jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang, and patchoulli are said to be scents that have aphrodisiac powers.  Whether you believe in aphrodisiacs or not, these would be a yummy snack after the kiddos are in bed regardless.

Adventure- The first thing that popped into my mind is a Choose Your Own Adventure Date Night.  These are available in my Etsy Shoppe.  If you are interested in a digital copy, due to time constraints, let me know.  I'll get you set up with the story and easy instructions on how to construct the book.  Or if you want me to do all the work, and you want it quickly, I can offer expedited shipping (which would increase shipping cost, of course).  Or order one now and you'll have it in time for Valentine's Day.  There are no rules about actually going in alphabetical order here.  Or you can do something you've always wanted to, but maybe never had the chance, or the guts?  Get out there and face your fears together.  It's a great bonding experience.

Anniversary- My wedding anniversary happens to be in February, so that works nicely.  If yours is not, that's ok.  There's got to be something you could celebrate.  First kiss, first date, first "I Love You".  If nothing else, you can re-create your first Valentine's Day together.  You don't necessarily have to do it on the 14th either.  Do it when ever.  All you'd have to say is, "Remember our first Valentine's Day...?"  Ok, you might have to expound a little more, but your sweetie will probably pick it up fairly quickly.

Amore- If you have Spanish or Latino in your blood, use it to your advantage!  Have a mini-date with a Spanish/Mexican theme.  Dinner and a movie perhaps?  Go salsa dancing?  Listen to Enrique Iglesia and Shakira CD's, in Spanish, of course, while you dance around the house?  I'm sure the kids would love enchiladas for dinner and you can watch the movie after you put them to bed (maybe a little early?).

Aboard-  Present your sweetie with a ticket.  To what, you ask?  I dunno, that's up to you.  It could be a Caribbean Cruise themed date night.  Or airplane tickets.  Can't afford airplane tickets?  How about an Italian themed date night.  You don't have to do the date tonight, just build some anticipation with the tickets.  

Admirer-  Send a cute little note to work with your sweetie... tuck it into his coat pocket when he kisses you before he walks out the door.  Tell him the things you love about him.  It will surely bring a smile to his face when he finds it.

Affection-  Make just a little more effort to show your sweetie how much you love them.  Give a few more kisses, hold hands a little more, hang on a little longer when you hug.

Afternoon-  Plan an afternoon to spend just the two of you.  Do whatever you want.  This could be an afternoon this weekend, or next month or whenever is convenient.  Plan it and schedule it and then keep the appointment like it is an appointment for a life-saving operation.

Allowance-  This is the treat I have planned for my hubby... when he gets back from his work trip tomorrow he will find a little note explaining that I will be rewarding his good efforts the rest of the week.  The more good efforts, the more rewarding.  That's it.  Brief and a little obscure.  I'm doing 'A' on Friday.  Through out the week I will give him pennies for his good efforts - helping with dinner, putting Little Monkey to bed, killing the spider in the shower.  Whatever.  Be generous.  When Friday rolls around and he gets home from work he will find a little brochure with some options inside.  Things like back rub, scalp massage, hot shower for two, extra dessert, ect.  Each thing will have a price attached to it.  He may spend his pennies until he runs out.

Ok, I could go on, but I hope you are starting to get the idea.  If you have something, go... run with it.  If you need anything, let me know.  I'll see what I can do.  Have fun planning and come back for 'B' tomorrow!

Click HERE for B. 

The ABC's of Love

I can't believe we are already a whole month into this new year.  It seems like just yesterday was Christmas!  Ok, so I want to say upfront that 1) This will probably seem overwhelming, but I promise it won't be as bad as you think.  Just take it one day at a time.  2) If you decide to do this with me you will see an improvement in your relationship.  I promise.  I mean Scout's Honor-cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye-pinky promise with spit (ewww!) kind of promise.  And 3) If you start this, commit to going all the way through with it.  It will mean so much more if you do.  I will help you in anyway I can.  Please just ask.

Ok, now that I've scared half of you away... let me tell you what I'm talking about.  Actually, I will show you:


This series will last the whole month of February.  It will be on doing something, some days it will be big somethings and some days it will be small somethings, for your significant other.  I will guide you through each day and will give you ideas.  If you want a little more personalized help, email me and I'll see what I can do for you.

A little background, if you get bored, skip down... the good part is coming.  This is a tradition I started last year.  My Mr Right is in the Army and we were awaiting a deployment date.  He'd already received notice he was going, we were just waiting to find out when and where.  That was a weird time in our relationship.  Everything felt like pins and needles all the time.  The dumbest things would set me off because I was overwhelmed and scared  at the thought of being left (and mad at My Mr Right for leaving me, like he had a choice, right?) all alone with our then-6-month old and the house and the cars and the mortgage and the HOA (whom I really didn't like and was less than excited to do business with), and..., and... and the list went on and on.  My parents were 600 miles south, my in-laws were 600 miles north and I was terrified.

Unless you are an Army wife, it's incredibly hard to really understand what emotions you have when they get that call.  But time also felt so precious.  Every laugh, smile, tickle session, and all the intimate moments were so special.  I had to savor them, in case they were the last ones.  Pre-deployment is a rough time.

(Ok, before you get too caught up in my sad little story, My Mr Right didn't deploy.  His company went out of business and we had to move out of state to find a job.  That might sound like we were dodging deployment (and honestly, I didn't mind missing out on that), but it was either move or live under the freeway for 6 months until he did deploy.  Jobs really were that scare in our small Idaho town.)

So, for the month of February I chose to focus on the positive in my life instead of fretting over the less-than-positive that I had zero control over.  I took a letter each day and made it the focus of my "something special".  I did something for My incredible Mr Right each day of February.  I've always been a hopeless romantic and giving gifts is just as fun for me as receiving them.  This was perfect.  I didn't go in order, as it was easier that way.  That way the "activities" I had planned we could do when my sweetie wasn't working.  He worked nights, seven days a week.  That's almost as rough as deployment, ok, just kidding.  Don't write me mean comments!  I'm totally joking.

The Good Part:
Want an example?  "J" was for "Jigsaw Puzzle".  I made up a little collage of some photos of my sweetie and me in Photoshop.  I made it quite large.  I printed it out, taped it up and then cut it into a puzzle.  AND THEN, I put each piece inside of a balloon.  I blew the balloons up (by hand... uh, mouth) and stuck them in our half bath, the one My Mr Right used when he got home from work.  Now, I probably had about 60 balloons in this bathroom... My mouth was so sore and it seriously messed with my TMJ, but it was so much fun to watch him walk, well try to walk, into that bathroom.

Totally worth it.  Now, remember I had a lot of free time on my hands last year and this little gesture was kinda time-intensive.  It doesn't have to be!  For "U" he got a homemade gift certificate to the hot springs about an hour away.  That took me about 20 mins to put together.  If you are easily offended by things of an intimate nature, please skip  this next sentence.  And for "P",  he got 3 pairs of skimpy panties in his lunchbox, which we made good use of later.  We are married... but that letter only took 10 minutes and $5 for me to put together.  I only wish I could've seen his face!

Ok, I hope you're getting excited to join me?  It will be fun, I promise.  The best part about this: it is completely customizable.  What I do and what you do and what Emma Jane over there does will not be the same.  Even if we all use the same word(s).  My puzzle would be completely different than yours and Emma Jane's!  As will your sweetheart's reactions.  This can be as time-intensive or as expensive as you want.  I will be providing a few goodies along the way to help you out.

Like I've said, if you want more help, email me.  whilehewasnapping[at]gmail.  I'm usually pretty quick at responding.  I've also got 2 pages of ideas for things to do.  If you would like a copy of my list, please email me and I will send it to you.

Click Here to find out what A is for...

Don't forget to print off the invite for your sweetheart to join you in this month long celebration!  Click, right click, save to your computer and print!

I'm Am Not Here...

Buuuut.... I am HERE.  Check out this fun tute on making your own photo collage!  Stacie at Staying Me invited me over to share one of my Christmas Gift tutorials... don't worry, you haven't seen it yet.  Go check it out and leave Stacie some sweet comments while you're there!  And come back tomorrow... for more printable subway art!

Oh, and be sure to enter the CSN Stores $55 Gift Card Giveaway!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

CSN Stores Gift Card Giveaway

So, my lucky followers, I have a super exciting announcement. CSN Stores has contacted me once again and wants to do another giveaway! How awesome is that? Have you never checked out CSN Stores? Oh my, you are missing out! Especially since summer is on it's way, hard to believe with all the snow back East, but it will be here in a few months. How awesome would a new wooden swing set be for the backyard?  I may have to start scraping up pennies.  Little Monkey will be old enough to enjoy it this year.  I'm really excited!

So, would you totally love to get your hands on $55 for anything in CSN's 200+ stores?!?  Who wouldn't right?  Here's what you need to do:

1)  Check out CSN's site, come back and leave a comment on what you would love to have.  Please leave the link to the item which you refer.  Yes, that means you actually have to go to their site and look.  Just don't forget to come back!  =)
2)  Follow While He Was Napping and leave a comment stating you do.  If you're just going to "un-follow" after the giveaway, please skip this entry.   

Please leave an email address with your comments.  If I can't contact you, a new winner will be selected.

You get up to two chances to enter.  This giveaway will be open for 10 days.  Giveaway closes Wednesday, February 9th at 11:00pm PST.  Winner will be chosen through Random.Org and will be announced by Friday morning.  Good Luck!  Leave your comments!

Ready for Romance: Conversation Heart Subway Art

Ok, the whole printable mailing list debacle got me thinking.  It did bug me that people would be so blatantly disrespectful, but I wasn't happy with the situation ending the way it did.  It kinda felt like I just gave up, which isn't me.  And it totally isn't fair to those of you who do play by the rules.  So, I'm instigating another change.  If this doesn't work, I'll probably change it again.  There's gotta be something out there that will work.  Persistence, right?

I will still do printables.  I shoot for one a week or so (Sorry about this week, but the 4shared solution wasn't sitting right with me).

Just click and save.  Enjoy...

These pieces were inspired by the candy Conversation Hearts.  All of the sayings are ones that actually appeared on the candies in the past 13 years.  Did you know the sayings change from year to year?  If so, you're so much more on top of things than I am.  I'd never really noticed.  Share the love with some sweet words.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Wander #15

Let's get to this party!  So, lemme see what you got!  If you've got Valentine's or love themed projects, link them up here.

<a   href=""> <img   src=""   >
Please help spread the word!  Thanks!

The Rules:
1. All links MUST  be family friendly.  Or I will  delete it.

I  would  love for you to become a  follower.  It's the little button on the  side  bar that says  "Follow".  =]   I would also appreciate any help in spreading the word  about Weekend Wander... that's what the cute little  button below is  for.  If you like what you see and plan on being a regular, I'd love for  you to add my name to your link party  list (who   doesn't have one of  those, right!?!) or my button to your  blog, but no pressure. 

However, by linking, you are giving me  permission  to use your photos in a  feature of your project.  Of  course, this feature will include a link  back to the original post.  Thanks!

This linky list is now closed.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready for Romance: Rest & Relax Date Night

This idea isn't original, but it's one of our favorites to do.  Ship the kiddos off to the sitter's and enjoy the evening at home with your sweetheart.  I have heard complaints from people that they just can't see the sense in parting with money for the sitter when they are just staying home.  I promise THIS will be soo worth it.  If you have the opportunity, arrange for the kids to stay over-night.  It'll be a night to remember.  Take a trip to the spa without ever leaving home.

Here's the How:
1)  Arrange for someone to watch the kids.  If you can't find a sitter, you can minimize this date to exclude dinner.

2)  Do any shopping you need to do.  Get some yummy bubble bath, a facial mask, body scrub, lotion, massage oil, body butter, foot scrub, bath salts, scented rose petals or any other bathy things you want.  If you're doing dinner, get any ingredients you may need.  Dinner, however, is not the focus of this date.  Go simple.

3)  Invite your sweetie to get a little R&R with you.  You don't have to spill the beans on the whole evening, but let your honey know you've made plans and you'd like them to join you.
4)  The night of your date, set up the bathroom all pretty (maybe even clean it?!?)  Candles could add a nice touch.  If you have decided to have champagne or sparkling cider set that out in a bucket of ice to chill.  Get out the fluffiest, most luxurious towels you have.  Pull out the bathrobes.  Put a set of clean sheets on the bed.  Get real fancy and put chocolates on the pillows and roses in a vase.  Get dinner going so that it will be done around the time your sweetie gets home from work.
5)  Invite your sweetheart to come in and unwind with a drink (your choice of beverage).  Get dinner all set out and enjoy a meal together.  Take your time.  RELAX!
6)  After dinner, lead your lover to the bedroom.  Instruct them to disrobe and put on the bathrobe.  Go and run a hot bath with all the good stuff.  Bring in your sweetie and enjoy a bath together.  Take your time and RELAX.  Sense a theme yet?

7)  After your soak in the tub, take turns giving each other massages.  Use the lotion as a moisturizer after your bath.  If fairness is an issue, set a time limit.  After you are finished, cuddle up and watch a movie or read together.  Here it comes:  JUST RELAX and enjoy each other and your evening.

If you are interested in purchasing the digital items of this kit, let me know and I'll make a reserved listing for you in my Etsy Shoppe.  It comes complete with detailed instructions, the invitation, and a pamphlet for your spa.

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