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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Link Party

Come link up any and everything HALLOWEEN!  This link party will be open ALL month so come back and link up more stuff as you get it posted.  Make sure you come check out the cool stuff everyone else is linking up too!  I will try to do a weekly feature post from this party, but that will partly depend on how crazy life gets around here.  I will be sharing some of these links on Facebook as well.  I can't wait to see your fantastic ideas!  Welcome to October Spooktacular and HAPPY HAUNTING!


<a href=""> <img src="">

If you have other projects to share please join the most recent Weekend Wander.  All non-Halloween projected linked here will be deleted.

Weekend Wander #49

Hey everyone!  So, My Mr Right and I are running away for the weekend for a much needed lover's getaway, so I'm gonna post this a little early.  Also, tonight will kick off October Spooktacular with a Halloween link party.  That will all open up around 9PM PDT tonight.  So, link all your Halloween awesomeness up to that party.

Here's a few features from last week's party:.

Amy at One Artsy Mama has quite the round-up of fun Fall snacks.  Go tempt your sweet tooth ...

I love Kyla's Fall bucket list!  We need to make one of these for our family.  Check it out at Funky Polka Dot Giraffe.  She's even made one for you...

YUM!  Look at these No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars over at Crumbs and Chaos.  Definitely on my "try this" list.

Ok, the laundry is calling, so that's it for now.  Thank you to everyone who linked up last week.  It was a great party!  There were some fantastic Halloween ideas, but I've been holding off sharing those until October Spooktacular... I'd definitely recommend checking out last week's party if you missed it.  PS - any Halloween links you may have previously linked up, feel free to link them up again at the Halloween party.

And, let's get to this.  You know what to do:
-  Family Friendly Links Only
-  No Commercial Sites
-  Visit each other!  It's a PARTY!  
Don't stand against the wall all night!

Have a lovely weekend!

Blogging: Stand Alone GFC Button

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have had problems with my GFC followers widget showing up for several months now.  I have been so frustrated with it, because I know there are blogs I’ve tried to follow and can’t find their buttons, so I just leave.  I don’t have all day to reload the page until the widget decides to show up.  I wanted some way to put my own button on my blog without it being attached to Blogger’s widget.


The other day I saw a stand alone button and thought “That is SUCH a good idea!  I want one of those!”  And then I closed the window and did something mommy related, I’m sure, completely forgetting where I had seen that.  And then my Followers widget seemed to take a drastic dive in its already less-than-stellar performance.  Anytime I checked my site (as I was doing some maintenance and upkeep, it was fairly often) the GFC widget NEVER loaded.  EVER.  Ok, like twice maybe.  So, began my Google searching.  I couldn’t find a tutorial on it anywhere.  I’d pretty much given up.  I was blog surfing the other day and found a comment with the link that saved my life.  Ok, a little dramatic, yes.  But, I’ve spent FOREVER months trying to figure this out.  You can check out the original tutorial on


Here’s the How on adding a stand alone GFC Button to your site:

1.  You will need this code:


<a href="" target="_blank" title="Follow With Google Friend Connect"><img border="0" src="" /></a>

Copy and paste that exactly as it is.


2.  Go to your Design tab and select Add a Gadget.  P.S.  Click on the images to make them larger.

design tab

3.  Find the HTML/JavaScript Gadget and select it.  A new window will open.

add a gadget

4.  Paste the code above into the new window.

paste code

5.  Back in your browser, on your design tab page, look up to the address bar.  It should look something like this.  Copy the number on the end and replace the red BLOG-ID-HERE text with the number.  Just the number, not the whole address.

edit the code

6.  Save the gadget.  You can then drag and drop it like any other gadget anywhere you want on your blog template.  Save the changes and view your blog to make sure it all worked.

Follow Button 




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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Framed Fall Wreath

A couple years ago I made a wreath with a Fall theme to it.  I loved it.  But, when we moved it got broken.  I still have the pieces awaiting repair in storage.  Since we only had a year in this house before we move again, I haven’t done a whole lot of decorating, especially seasonal decorating.  It just seems like a lot of work for something that won’t last long.  But, I always get the itch to bring some of the holidays into our home.  And I’m trying to de-stash some of my craft stuff…

I had other project that turned out in what can only be described as a hot mess.  The half-finished disaster sat around my mom’s house, and then our house, for months.  Yes, months.  I took some of those supplies and “un-messed” them into this little beauty:

Here’s the How:
- One large frame (mine’s an 11x14” frame)
- Silk leaves in Fall colors (mine are from Dollar Tree)
- Silk flowers (also from Dollar Tree and intended for a different project)
- 11”x14” of burlap (I had this on-hand from a free Swagbucks purchase on Amazon)
- Wire cutters
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1)  Disassemble your frame and remove the glass.  You won’t need the glass for this project.  Cover the inserts from the frame in burlap and use a little hot glue to secure it.  Reassemble the frame without the glass and with your inserts facing burlap side out.
2)  Use the wire cutters and snip as close as you can to your flower heads.  Set aside.  For the leaves, I pulled the little toppers off each branch and pulled the leaves off.  Then, I used scissors and snipped the little circular part that attached the two leaves. 
3)  Do a rough layout of your flowers and leaves to get an idea of where you want to glue everything.  Once you kind of know what you think you want (hehehe), start gluing everything down.  Make adjustments as needed.
That’s it.  Hang it up and enjoy the subtle hit of Autumn, despite the 92 degree temperature outside.  At least, that’s what’s outside my door… here’s hoping for cooler days soon…


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Felt Fall Table Runner

It’s still a million degrees here and I don’t expect cooler temperatures to be the norm for another few weeks.  We’ve had a few days of some cloudy, cooler weather and I can’t wait until we don’t have to run the A/C all the time.  But, in the meantime, I’m bringing Fall in where I can.  Here’s an easy (although slightly time-intensive) idea.


Here’s the How:

1)  Supplies:

- Felt in Autumnal colors (gold, brown, yellow, orange and red are a few ideas)

- Straight Pins

- Scissors

- Hot Glue Gun

- Leaf Template (I used THIS set from


2)  Print out the templates and cut them out.  Pin the templates to your felt and cut them out.  Repeat in each color for however many leaves you want.  I only did one of each design in each color.  I also did some smaller ones too.  Leaves are all different sizes, after all.  Our table is relatively small (only about 4ft long) so the 15 large leaves and half a dozen small ones were enough.  This is the time-intensive part.  Park it on the sofa with a good chick flick during nap time and go to town.  That’s what I did.


3)  Plug in your glue gun.  Lay out the leaves on your table.  Arrange them until you have a layout you like.  Glue the edges of the leaves together with a little dab of hot glue.


4)  You could also make this into a garland.  If you decide on that route, you’ll need two things.  1. More leaves (unless 4 ft is long enough) and 2. you’ll need to secure your leaves better than you would have to for a table runner.  You can see on the left side of the photo that a brown leaf fell down behind a gold one.  I would glue it to the orange one on the very left edge if I were to use this as a garland.  And just so you know what a garland would look like:


Easy, cute and simple to store (and repair, if needs be).  Happy Fall!




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Monday, September 26, 2011

Easy Sweet Peachy Cobbler

I love peach cobbler.  My Mr. Right loves peach cobbler.  And Little Monkey, yep, he’s a big fan, too.  But I do not love spending 2 hours slaving away in the kitchen, peeling peaches and mixing batter.  Especially, since you have to turn the oven on and our AC unit has a hard time without all the extra heat.  So, I decided to try an idea I had.  It still involved the oven, but only about 20 mins of slaving.  I determined it was worth it.  I rummaged through my mom’s baking cupboard and snagged a box of yellow cake mix.  It was expired, so I figured she’d probably never even notice it was gone.  She hadn’t noticed when I told her…


1 Yellow Cake Mix (and the ingredients on the back of the box)
2 Large cans of Sliced Peaches (you can always substitute 3-4 fresh peaches)
Ground Cinnamon
Ground Allspice
Vanilla extract

Put the cake mix in a bowl.  You can mix it up the way it says to on the back of the box (eggs, oil, and water).  I substitute applesauce for the oil and milk for the water.  The applesauce makes a more dense cake (not to mention, less fat).  The milk makes it slightly more creamy than water.  Mix well.  Then add 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon and 1/2 tsp of vanilla.  More or less to taste, if you want.  Add a sprinkle of allspice and another sprinkle of nutmeg.  Mix well.

Open your cans of peaches and layer them on the bottom of a lightly greased 9x13” pan.  I didn’t drain the peaches, just dipped them out with a fork.  

Pour the cake batter over the top of the peaches.  Bake as directed on the back of the cake box, approximately 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.  Let cool (or don’t, but be careful, it’s hot!).  Serve alone or with vanilla ice cream.  Enjoy!


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Sunday, September 25, 2011

DIY Faux Window Frame

My father-in-law has a piece of property that is kinda his pride and joy.  He has spent countless hours fixing and repairing and clearing and mowing and building and in all ways improving this piece of property.  On this property is an old train station he has turned into restrooms (which makes camping on this property a whole lot more inviting).  In this train-station-turned-restroom building were some old windows.  Yeah?  See where I’m going with this?  So, he gave me a handful of them and I have wanted to put one in our bedroom.  Above our bed.  But… there where a few issues.  One of which is the paint that is one them… It’s probably lead-based.  That’s a no-no for pregnancy, so they’ve been off limits since the end of May.  Also, they are HEAVY!  I have this (irrational?) fear that it would fall on our heads in the middle of the night.  That’s not an awakening I want to experience… so, I concocted an idea…

I’ve had the materials for this project for a few months now and it finally got done after I tripped over them one too many times.  It was the kick-in-the-pants (bruise on my shin) that I needed to find the motivation to get this done.  I love how it turned out!  And it’s secured to the wall, so I’m worry free.  Now, I just need to figure out what to put in this awesome faux window.
Here’s the How:
1)  As mentioned above, this was a “just get it done” project.  I don’t have a lot of process photos.  I apologize if this ends of being confusing.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.  You can click on the photos and view them larger.

These will make a 3x4’ window.
- One piece of 8ft pre-primed moulding board
- One piece of 6ft pre-primed moulding board
- Four 3/8”x36” square wooden dowels
- paint in your desired color
- nails and hammer
- staple gun and staples
- wood glue and wood filler

2)  Begin by cutting both moulding boards in half and then cut the corners to 45 degree angles, so they form a square when put together.  The photo illustrates how the moulding pieces should fit together.
3)  Paint the moulding your desired color and let them dry well.  I did three coats of paint.

4)  Measure the inside length of the short side.  Mine was about 30” long.  You’ll need to divide that in half and then subtract the width of your dowels.  I had two dowels, so 3/8+3/8=3/4.  So, I cut two of the dowels into 14 and 1/4 inch lengths.  Leave the other two alone.
Side measurement 
5)  Flip the boards over and use the wood glue to glue the corners of the moulding together.  I actually ended up using LocTite glue.  It held the weight better and dried faster.  But, that’s your call.  Use the staple gun to secure the corners with a couple staples.

6)  Take the two long dowels and place them 15” away from your side boards.  Secure them with nails or staples.  All of your staples should be on the back of the frame.  I did staples because that’s what I had on-hand.  I did two staples per dowel, securing it to moulding boards.
long dowels
7)  Take your 15” pieces and slide them into place between the dowels, making the long rectangles into small rectangles.  Secure with more staples and wood glue.  Fill any cracks/gaps between the moulding and dowels with wood filler.
 DSC_3609  short dowels
8)  Drill small holes in your moulding pieces.  Nail your window to the wall.  Step back and admire.  Ta-DA!  Bask in your beautiful faux window.  And welcome to my dilemma of what else to put on the wall.  =)


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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend Wander #48

Wow, Thursday came fast this week.  I almost forgot to post the party!  But, here it is, with some quick features from last week:

Need some elegant, yet easy, cupcakes?  Check out these little beauties over at Sew Delicious.  Roslyn did a fantastic job!

While this totally goes against my first instinct, this is something I'm going to have to try.  I hate flat soda, but I don't drink much of it, so my soda more often than not goes flat before it's all gone.  Yuck.  Anna @ Ask Anna will tell you how to make it last for weeks.

Ok, thanks to everyone who linked up last week.  You're all amazing and it's always so hard to pick just a few features.  Well, let's get the party started.  You know what to do:

1.  Keep it family friendly, please.
2.  Don't link a commercial site up.
3.  Mingle.  Make some visits to the other party-goers.  No one likes a wall flower.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

If you follow my Pinterest Boards, you  know I’m obsessed with these little babies.  I love them!  Vintage, functional, and just all around lovely!  So, I’ve been scouring thrift stores for just the right soap dispenser top.  Of course, it came with the bottle too, but I’m not sure what to do with that yet.  For now, it’s sitting on my counter…


Here’s the How:


1) Supplies:

1 pint size glass jar (you could totally up cycle some other jar you already have too…)

1 soap dispenser top (the part you pump)

drill and drill bits


2)  This was soo easy I almost didn’t take pictures.  Good thing I hit a snag, huh?  Ok, first start with a small drill bit (I used a 3/32 bit) and drill a hole in the center of the jar lid or the seal, if you’re using a canning jar.


3)  Gradually increase the size of hole by using a little larger drill bit.  I used a 9/64 bit and then a 13/64 bit, followed by my 1/4 bit. 


And then, I hit my snag.  I didn’t have any larger bits than 1/4” and my husband had the tool box with the big bits in it.  So… I took my little bit again and drilled small holes all the way around the diameter of my circle.  The hole has to be large enough for the soap pump and straw to fit inside.  It wasn’t pretty, but it worked and you can’t see it with the soap dispenser assembled.  If I’d had the right sized bits, this would have taken like ten minutes (instead of half an hour).


4)  After I got my hole drilled big enough, I put the soap pumper through the hole and used LocTite glue to secure it to the canning jar seal.  Let that dry well and ta-da!  All finished.






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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Post: Henry Happened

Hey everyone, I've got a treat for you today.  Stephanie from Henry Happened is here!  Cute blog name, right?!  She's just as cute, too.  There are some great tutorials on her site, so make sure to check those out.  But, first, come take a look at this super cute J. Crew knock off bracelet she's gonna show us how to make.  Take it away, Stephanie!

Hi! I'm Stephanie, a mother of two with a DIY addiction! I blog about stylish and crafty adventures at Henry Happened. I love to create fun accessories and I'm especially fond of making bracelets (like this one and this one).

So, when Krista asked me to guest post, I thought, let's make a bracelet!. I see these fun, colorful wrap bracelets everywhere, and they are sooo easy that even this craft-challenged mom can't resist.

And seriously J. Crew, $36 for this?

Step 1: Get thee to Goodwill and buy a crazy heinous skirt for $3 (or use something from the closet). Then stop by the hardware store for a dozen or so brass hex nuts at 15 cents each. (You might want to pick up a few extra to make this bracelet.)

And you've shelled out about $5.

Step 2: Cut a piece about 4 inches wide. Thinner is okay (not too much or it will just look sad), but you can't go much thicker because your hex nuts won't fit. Length can vary - the longer it is the more times it will wrap on your wrist. Also, the ragged edges are cool so don't stress about hemming or fraying.

Step 3: Tie a knot in one end and twist the entire length.

Step 4: Feed your hex nuts on, spacing them however you want. Don't glue them on - the width of the fabric will be enough to keep them in place. Plus then you can adjust them after you put the bracelet on.

Step 5: Tie the two ends together in a knot so it forms a circle.

Step 6: Wind it around your wrist! You can move the hex nuts around for a better visual.

I love the chance to wear a bold color. So, obviously, I'm a bracelet person. What types of jewelry do you favor? Thank you for letting me visit here today!! I hope you will stop by Henry Happened and say hi!

Thanks for visiting today, Stephanie!  Isn't that bracelet super cute?!  Go check out Henry Happened and be amazed by Stephanie's other fantastic tutorials!  She's got some great stuff.  And come back here tomorrow for some awesome Mason Jar goodness... see you there!

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