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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bow Tie Onesies

I haven't had a chance to sit down and actually write out a tutorial for this yet.  But, I had to share.  I made these for a friend who had a little boy back in January.  Actually, he wasn't so little... over 9 pounds!  My original plan was to give them a newborn sized onesie and a 0-3 months size.  He could use both onesies with all the bow ties.  Alas, he was WAY too big for the newborn onesie and only got the bigger size.  Hopefully, I'll have the time to sit and write out a tutorial soon... until then you can get them in my Etsy Shop... or just wing it.


  1. So cute! Just perfect for an Oscar party! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We LOVE this onesie for James... I'll have to take a picture of him in it for your etsy shop!

  3. Super cute! I'd love it of you linked up to Crafty Cousins!


    Holla! We're your newest followers! (via Linky)


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