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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Guest Post: Bumper Covers by One Hot Crafty Mama

Chelsea, from One Hot Crafty Mama, is here today to share a SUPER crib bumper tutorial with you all.  This was a project I kept saying, "I should do that!" and never got around to it.  I ended up buying the set we used with Little Monkey.  Some times, time is worth more than money.  Chelsea makes it look super easy and maybe, just maybe, I'll have to give it a go with this little one.  Take it away, Chelsea!


I am beyond super excited how this turned out!!! I found this fabric on clearance at Joann's and fell in love with it, so I bought the rest of the bolt it ended up being about 2 1/2 yds, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I knew that I would think of something, this is what I thought of!!

Our first child was a daughter and EVERYTHING that she had when she was a baby was either pink or purple. It was all gifts, so I'm VERY VERY grateful for it don't get me wrong. But when we found out that this baby is a boy, I was kind of in a spot of now I need everything for a boy and nothing we have is neutral. I have been looking at bedding for the crib online and have been shocked how much stuff is. That is when I decided that I can make a cover for the bumper that we already have, using the pink bumper as my guide I made what I think is a pretty cool cover.
I was able to cut on the fold and get twice as much length out of the fabric then before and it was the perfect width.
I then cut 2 1/2" strips of fabric to make ties with.

Everything was made into tubes, the actually cover was easy to flip with the right side out. The ties were a little harder, but I have found that using a pencil helps it out a lot.

Again using the bumper as a model I measure the distance between ties and sewed them the same distance apart on the cover.

On one end I added Velcro so I could easily remove it if I need to.


Isn't that fabric adorable?!  Love it.  Those turned out so great.  I want to make a set of those, it looks so easy!  Thank you for come over and sharing with us, Chelsea.  Now, make sure you go check out more of Chelsea's awesome talent over at One Hot Crafty Mama.

Disclaimer:  Before anyone jumps down my throat about how dangerous crib bumpers are, let me tell you, I've heard it before.  However, there are very few consumer products available that don't have some sort of warning on them, whether in print or implied.  In my mind, it is a personal judgement call on which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

Whether you are for or against crib bumpers, that's your personal choice.  Please respect the choices of others and keep any negative comments in your head.  Or feel free to mutter them aloud, if you wish..    


  1. These are so cute- what a great idea to re-cover them. I love the fabric she chose!

  2. What a sweet tutorial! I adore the fabric choice!
    Leslie Anne


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