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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Dad Loves... Plaque

So, originally the title of this post was Our Dad Loves Plaque.  Then I realized that my hubby doesn't actually love that icky gunk that's on your teeth at the end of the day.  And then I changed the title.  Little side note there.  Anyways...

The week before Father's Day, my hubby was out of town.  That was also the worst week ever.  Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but it was traumatizing nonetheless.  Dealing with everything from the cops, nosy neighbors, the ex-landlord from h-e-double hockey sticks (hehe), no tenants in our rental,  immunizations and sick kids by myself gave me a renewed respect for single parents.  You guys are AMAZING!  But, again, I digress.  So, I had to come up with something for Father's Day...

One night I sat bolt-up in bed with an image in my head.  I knew what to do.

This wasn't it.  But, actually, I ended up liking this better.
Want to make your own?  Here's the How:

- 1"x6" cut to 7.5 inches.  The guys at Home Depot or Lowe's can cut it for you.
- Vinyl subway art
- Transfer tape
- Wood stain
- Polyurethane

1.  Paint the stain on your wood plaque and let it dry completely.
2.  Design your subway art and cut it out of the vinyl with your craft cutter
3.  Weed out the extra vinyl.
4.  Cover with your transfer tape and rub over the tape firmly with a credit card, craft stick, scissor handles, whatever.  Pull the transfer tape up, making sure all the pieces stick to the tape.
5.  Position your vinyl over the plaque and then lay it gently down.  Rub over all the vinyl pieces again.  Firmly.
6.  Carefully, pull the transfer tape up, leaving the vinyl stuck to the wood.  If a piece sticks to the tape, lay it back down and rub over the spot again.  It seems to work best if you pull the transfer tape back at a 180 degree angle.
7.  Apply a thin coat of polyurethane sealant over the plaque to protect it.
8.  Install a sawtooth hanger on the back of the plaque and hang.

Love this, but hate the idea of all that work?  Don't have access to a craft cutter?  Not sure you trust yourself to design your subway art?  Let me take all the work out of this project.  Let me help you with any part of this project or get a completed, personalized version at your doorstep in about a week.  A heartfelt and awesome gift.  Not just for dad, adjust your subway art theme and the possibilities are endless.  See the details in my Etsy Shop. Photobucket Photobucket


  1. Oh my gosh! I don't love plaque either. Hahaha that made me laugh out loud. :) It is a fantastic idea! I am going to pin this for next time I have to make a dad gift. Thanks!!!

  2. Your title dilemma cracked me up! This is such a sweet Father's day gift idea--pinning this!


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