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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Best Android Apps for Kids

I have seen a bajillion and one lists of "Top Apps for Kids".  All for the iPhone.  I'm not an Apple-hater or anything, but I do have an Android phone.  And an Android tablet.  We actually have three Android tablets.  Mostly because my hubby likes Android better and he is my technical support guy.  The lines are usually waay shorter at the hubby's fix-it shop than the Apple store.  Usually.  So, with all the app lists for iPhone, I thought I'd make one for Android.


Most of these games are suitable for little kids, as that is what I have, but older kids may enjoy some of them as well.  I try to only let my kiddos play 'educational' games.  Some of my reasoning is a little wacky, but fun can be educational too, right?!

1. Angry Birds** - Ok, a little far-fetched with the reasoning, but there are some basic physics and cause-and-effect principles here.  And sometimes, a lesson in perseverance and trying until you get results.  Those are life lessons, right?
2. Animal Match - Working on memorization and reviewing animals is great and keeps my little guy sharp.
3. Art of Glow - This is lots of fun.  And Little Monkey can practice drawing shapes, letters and numbers.
4. Kid's ABC Letters - Practicing letters is always a winner in my book.
5. Kid's Match'em - Memorization skills in practice.  While Little Monkey doesn't have the patience to actually play "Memory" with physical cards, matching games on the tablets or phones will keep him entertained for at least a good ten minutes.
6. Red Wrecker** - This is a fabulous game.  Not only can my Little Monkey play the first several levels of this, Momma and Daddy enjoy playing it too.  The goal is to keep all the green shapes on the screen while ridding the screen of red shapes.  It's a little lesson in gravity.
7. Super Why - Little Monkey loves the PBS show and now he can play with his fave characters.  He works on letters with Alpha Pig, rhyming with Wonder Red, spelling with Princess Presto, and finishing the story with Super Why.  Sometimes, it's a trial and error method of answering, but he still enjoys it.
8. TableTots* - This is fabulous!  Little Monkey is a bit young to play this the way it was designed, but he still likes to play with the app.  I love that he has a visual for the alphabet and numbers, as well as colors and money.  It's one that will have lots of potential for years to come.
9. Tangrams - There's actually a couple of puzzle games my Little Monkey loves, but this one gives his momma a little feeling of nostalgia.  The good ole days of grade school.
10. Where's My Water** - Sometimes this game is more of a lesson on perseverance, but the problem-solving aspect is pretty awesome too.

Some of these apps are cross-platform apps, meaning there is a version for Android as well as Apple devices.  There are a couple apps that I did pay for (I marked them with *), but most of them are free.  At least for Android.  Also, some of the apps I got out of the Amazon App Store (marked with **).  If you have an Android device, it's worth checking out.  They offer a free paid app every day.  Sometimes, they are great and sometimes I pass on them, but I have gotten several apps that I probably would not have otherwise paid for.

Do you have an Android device?  What are your fave kid's apps?  I'm always looking for more.  Leave 'em in the comments!  =) Photobucket Photobucket


  1. We have android tablets too. Mine has tons of kids apos and my girls love so many of them. I am going to try out some you subjected I haven't tried
    A couple of our favorites is Aminal puzzle lite, istorybook, there is a series called baby bus and there are tons of free apps that have a cute panda bear. There are others but those are the top ones.

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to check some of these out!

  3. Dang if my droid tablet was charged i would tell you what apps i have on there for my daughter. i also have had an iphone for a few months...but have had the droid tablet for just over a year :) if u wanna know the apps i have feel free to email me jpaigepost2 at gmail . com

  4. Thanks for the compilation of great apps. My family gets the opportunity to travel a lot for my job at Dish, so I’m always on the lookout for anything that keeps my kids entertained at the airport. I will definitely have to give these a try! The Dish Remote Access app is another great one to try out, and it works with iPhones and Androids! It’s a free app that allows me to connect with my home TV from anywhere through the sling adapter. It comes in so handy anytime we are stuck waiting somewhere and my kids start getting restless. Fruit Ninja is another app I’d recommend for kids. You’ve definitely highlight some good ones that I would’ve never known about. Thanks again!

  5. I have only heard of two these apps before mainly Angry birds and where's my water. Whenever my nephew comes over he brings his iPad and knows more apps and better ways to use it than I could possibly ever imagine. It's amazing how technology is changing the world we live in.

    I was able to stumble upon your blog through the Sundae Scoop Link Party and i'm glad I ended up here ;)

    Love and Whimsy Blog

  6. Thank you! I hate it when I find a good kids app and discover it only works on Iphones. Grrr. It's good to know that there are good apps for android too. I'd love it if you shared this over at my link party.


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