52 Reasons I Love You

This is, by no means, a new idea… but it does make a great gift for that special someone in your life.  Anniversary coming up? Birthday?  Valentine’s Day is only a month away.  This cheap and easy gift is great because it can be personalized so easily.


- One deck of playing cards – You can find a two pack at the Dollar Tree or single packs with the games in the toy section at Wal-Mart, Target, ect.
- Scrapbook paper or card stock.
- Hole Punch
- String, yarn, or binder rings

- There are a couple options for making your set of love notes.  I designed all of mine in Photoshop and then printed them out.  Don’t have access to Photoshop?  That’s okay.  Cut some scrapbook or card stock to fit on the backs of your cards and glue them on.  Use an archival pen and write down each reason.  Embellish each card as much as you want.
- Punch a hole in each card and tie together with the string.  I used Baker’s twine.


The hardest part was thinking of 52 different things to write on the cards.  Not because there aren’t 52 different things I love about my hubby, but putting it all into words was harder than I anticipated.  I suggest using specific memories and inside jokes, as well as some of the more generic “I love your smile” reasons.

Another option is to have your kiddos help and make it a 52 Reasons We Love Daddy.  Write down any reasons they give you and then let them decorate each card.  Let them draw some pictures of things that they enjoy doing with dad.  Dad then has the option of carrying one or two cards in his wallet if he wants.

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