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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Weekend Wander #107

Hi, Everybody.  I hope your holidays were merry, bright, shiny and happy!  As for me, I have finally come down with the cold Mr and Gator were suffering with over Christmas.  And I thought taking care of two rambunctious boys while I was healthy was an exhausting feat!  I've been doing my own napping during nap time and not a whole lot more.  You should see my house.... I'll just say our Christmas tree is still up (it's artificial) and leave it at that.  Eek, right?!

This week's feature... well, it's a little self-centered.  But, hopefully, you can benefit from it too... I'd like to point you to the Ready for Romance Series for some fun valentine ideas.  It's coming faster than you might think.

Well, let me see what you've been up to this first week of a new year.  I hope yours has been a lot better than my week...

Link 'em up!  Annnnd..... GO!

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