8 Anniversary Gift Ideas

My fifth wedding anniversary is tomorrow (Wow!  Five years already?!) and Mr Napping and I get to send the boys to grandma’s and spend the day together.  Yippee!

We opted this year for no gifts (haha, except some additions to the date night jar and a couple other things I’ll show you next week…), but traditionally, there are certain gifts you are supposed to give your sweetheart on the anniversary of the day you wed.  For us, it was the gift of wood…  (no comment).  We were supposed to exchange gifts made from wood.  I debated on a set of wooden bowls we’d love, but I just can’t get myself to fork over $80 for a set of bowls that my little guys will mar in no time.

But, in honor of your special day, whenever it may be, here are a few ideas for you.  Not counting up in years yet?  That’s okay.  Sometimes you don’t need a reason to give a gift.  Those are the best gifts of all.

Here’s a quick little run down on what you’re supposed to gift:
First Anniversary – Paper (Traditional) or Clocks (Modern)
Second – Cotton (T) or China (M)
Third – Leather (T) or Crystal (M)
Fourth – Flowers (T) or Linen (M)
Fifth – Wood (T) or Silverware (M)
Sixth – Iron (T) or Sugar (M)
Seventh – Wool (T) or Brass (M)
Eighth – Bronze (T) or Appliances (M)
Ninth – Pottery (T) or Leather (M)
Tenth – Tin/Aluminuim (T) or Diamond Jewelry (M)
Fifteenth – Crystal (T) or Glass (M)
Twentieth – China (T) or Platinum (M)
Twenty-fifth – Silver (T) or Sterling Silver (M)
Thirtieth – Pearl (T) or Diamond (M)
Thirty-fifth – Coral (T) or Jade (M)
Fortieth – Ruby (T&M)
Forty-fifth – Sapphire (T&M)
Fiftieth – Gold (T&M)

But rules are made to be broken!
So here are some ideas of things to get your sweetie or
things to do together, regardless of what year you’re celebrating!

A Personalized Print with your wedding date on it
or a favorite quote.  Printed, framed and presented beautifully.
like Shannon made for her hubby.
My worrier of a husband would be relieved to know that
it’s planned,
it’s paid for and
it’s happening.
Start crossing off your bucket list.
If you don’t have one, make one!  Pronto!
Design a special space in your home and
like Fawn did in her home.
Maybe not these German Chocolate Thumbprint cookies,
but his favorite goodies will always go over well.
Especially if they are homemade.


Whisk your sweetheart off on the trip of a life time.
Ha, yeah, I can’t afford that either.
Try out this at-home date instead where
your imagination is the limit to your adventures.

This is soo NOT me, but my hubby would love it.
Get up together and go somewhere pretty.
Watch the sun rise together and share a yummy breakfast.
Get the details on putting yours together HERE.

Break your gifts up into smaller gifts.
For our third anniversary, we lived with my parents.
Yeah, yikes.  We love them, but talk about mood killer.
Oh, and our 1.5 year old slept in the walk-in closet…
So, I made a tower of gifts for Mr Napping.  They were small gifts.
– A box of his favorite candies.  – A blanket I found on clearance for $5 at Target – Some lingerie from my lingerie drawer (it didn’t get used much living with my parents…)  – A cookbook (he likes to cook)  – A gift card to a local dessert shop we like.  Stuff like that.  The look on his face when he saw this four foot tower of gifts was priceless.
Check out this idea of giving a gift each hour of the day at 30 Handmade Days!

Do you have any fun anniversary gifts?

This post was written by Krista and originally appeared on While He Was Napping.


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