{Printable} Valentine Lip Balm Label

About two years ago, I started making our own lip balm.  Six bucks a month in chapstick wasn’t breaking the bank, but I should probably look for a chapter of “I Can Do That Anonymous” in my local area.  And after pricing it out, I felt like I was being ripped off!  How dare they, right?!  So, I bought my ingredients and have been hooked ever since.

One of the fun parts of making my own balms has been designing the labels.  I get to make up my own flavor and product names (the newest batch of lotion for my boys is “Mommy’s Magic Lotion”.  We’ve had batches of “Boys After Bath Balm” too), I get to make my own graphics, I can personalize the labels.  We gave out tubes to friends after Little J was born with all his stats on it.  That was fun to announce with those, rather than a traditional photo card announcement.  Everything.  It’s all my creation.  And there’s nothing like the little self-confidence boost when people ask for another tube of MY chapstick.

So, since I can’t send all of you a tube of chapstick, how about some printable labels instead?  You can make your own chapstick or just wrap the labels around tubes you get at the store.  Easy peasy.  And I’m always on the look out for Valentines that won’t add to my waistline or my kids’ hyperactivity.  Besides, who doesn’t use chapstick?

To save these images, right-click and select “save as”.  Save them to your computer and then print right at home.  They should be sized correctly for a standard chapstick/lip balm tube, just make sure they aren’t being re-sized when you print them.  If you have problems, let me know.

Simply cut out the labels and apply them to the lip balm tubes with a glue stick.  I actually use packing tape to put my labels on.  It gives the label a little protection if it’s printed on an inkjet printer.  The ink will still run if you drop the tube in the tub or send it through the laundry, but little water drops and such won’t hurt it.  Due to different monitor and printer settings, I can’t guarantee color matching.

If you’d like 10 more designs, you can get the whole collection in my Etsy Shop, including one you can personalize after you print it.

This post was written by Krista and originally appeared on While He Was Napping.


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