10 Ways to Washi

I have a minor addiction to washi tape.  Actually, it’s not so minor.  I’ve got easily over 50 rolls and don’t intend to quit buying it any time soon.  My husband rolls his eyes every time I acquire more, but he built me an organizer rack a few months ago and it’s not full yet, so I’m getting mixed messages there.  The OCD part of me says: Clearly, I should fill it up, right?  Aside from looking pretty, there’s a lot you can do with washi tape.  Here’s ten ideas to get you started on depleting your washi stash.  Please click over and pin from the original source.  Thanks!



What’s your favorite way to washi?

This post was written by Krista and originally appeared on While He Was Napping.


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    I got a free sample of Washi tape in the mail a while back. I finally decided to put it to good use, and put a piece of the tape around my iPhone charger “cube”. I tried to put 2 pieces on it, but it would have looked weird so I just used the one piece. Still cute, though!

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    Loved the birthday card idea! So cute 😊 ive recently started collecting washi n im definitely making the card n the charger tags!
    love from India
    Angela Jose

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    I love the little stick people idea! I put washi on my iPhone charger so I always know which one is mine when we go places.

    Visiting from iheartnaptime!


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