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Advertising on While He Was Napping

While He Was Napping Stats:
Over the past month, there have been an average of 1,500 page views per day.
Over the past three months, there have been an average 30,000 page views per month.

I currently have (02/024/2014): 
1450 likes on my Facebook page
5300 followers via Pinterest
215 followers on Twitter
130 followers on Google+
400 subscribers via Bloglovin'
2100 subscribers via Feedburner
1700 followers via Google Friend Connect
Over 950 posts in my archives
Over 2 million page views

These numbers continue to grow.  If you think your brand or company would fit in well with While He Was Napping, please contact me to set up advertising.  

The following options are available:

I put all ads on my sidebar under the "Check Out These Great Sites" tab.  Paid ads are ordered with the most recently purchased ad first.  They will always be at the top, above ads purchased by sponsoring giveaways.

Click image to enlarge the table

Advertising space is on my sidebar under the tab "Check Out These Great Sites!".  Ad space is subject to relocation at any time.  Ad space will never be moved lower in the current layout than it already is.  It may be moved higher on the page or change sides of the page.

If you choose to purchase ad space, you may also opt for an introduction post dedicated to your site when you sign up.  You can write and submit the feature post to me and I will post it for free.  For an additional $10, I will write the post for you and include any information you have given me.  Post will be approximately 250 words long, but no less than 200 and no longer than 500 words.  

This includes freelance posts.  If you are interested in a sponsored post, be aware I charge for the space and exposure on my site.  This is not the same as "guest posting".  A post is classified as a sponsored post if there are any links required to outside sites that are not your personal blog.  If you feel you have a post that would fit, please contact me to discuss the topic.  Sponsored posts are $10 per post.  I accept payment through PayPal.  Posts must be no longer than 500 words and include at least one photo (to which you own the copyrights).  If I feel your post fits the demographics on While He Was Napping, we'll discuss a posting date.


If you are interested in marketing your product with a product review on my blog, I require a sample of the product.  I do not offer refunds or returns on products I have been sent as samples.  I will test the product out for 1-2 weeks, so I can get a good feel for it.  I will then write a review (at least 200 words in length) on the product I was provided.  I will only state my honest opinion, and my opinions can not be bought.  I offer the option for you to review the post before it goes live, but if I have a questionable or unfavorable review, I will contact you before it posts.  I reserve the right to pass on any product offers I feel would not interest my readers or not fit my family.

If you're interested, please contact me.

By becoming a sponsor, you agree to host a giveaway here on While He Was Napping.  The giveaway prize value must be at least $15.  In return, I will link your giveaway up in as many places as I can.  The length of time your ad will run depends on the prize value.  Larger value prizes have longer run times.  I use the same value scale for giveaways as I use for purchased ad space.  If your prize values at $15, you will receive one month of 150x150 button ad space.  A $30 prize value will get you a choice of 3 months of 150x150 button space, 2 months of 200x200 button space, or one month of 300x100 horizontal banner space.  Ad Space in my side bar under the "Check Out These Great Sites" tab.  Ad space may be moved at anytime.  It will not be moved lower on the page than it sits in it's current layout.

If you host a giveaway, you will be responsible for:
1)  The prize, totaling at least $15 in value.
2)  Getting the prize delivered to the winner.  If the winner reports that you don't deliver the prize, you forfeit your ad space immediately.

I will be responsible for:
1)  Posting the giveaway and announcing terms and conditions, which will be agreed on by you and me beforehand.  I use rafflecopter to monitor giveaway entries.  Winning entry will be verified.
2)  Advertising the giveaway on at least two link parties, as well as posting a banner (text, unless you provide me with an image to include) in my blog header advertising the giveaway.
3)  Choosing the winner when the giveaway is over.
4)  Sending along the winner's information for you to get the prize out.

I will pre-approve buttons and sites before posting.  I will not accept explicit buttons or sites (explicit being defined as "something I am uncomfortable looking at or showing my mother".  I am not overly sensitive, but would like to keep the atmosphere of my blog positive.  Thanks).

If you are interested in advertising, or have any questions, please email me at whilehewasnapping[at]gmail[dot]com.

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