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FAQ's About While He Was Napping

- Who designed the layout of While He Was Napping?
I do.  Everything you see was put together by me.  I use a basic Blogger designed template for formatting.  I do often times use digital scrapbook kits and elements in my page designs.  I love the kits available at computerscrapbook.com and summertimedesigns.blogspot.com.  It's just easier than having to create new elements and papers every time I go to change the layout.

- Do you design for other bloggers and sites?
I have done a few designs in the past.  Mostly blog buttons.  If you're interested, contact me.

- I asked a question and never got a response.  Why not?
I read every comment I get and they all make my day.  Really, they do.  If you ask a question, I will answer you, usually within 24 hours... IF your email address is enabled.  You can find out how to do that HERE.  If your email isn't enabled, I try to respond to your comment in the comments section underneath the same post, but sometimes I forget or don't get to it for a few days.

- How do you make money with your blog?
The only income I get from this blog is through paid advertising.  Occasionally, I will write a sponsored post for products I believe will be of use to my readers.  I only write about things I personally have experience with and recommend.  All the opinions expressed in those posts are mine and always will be.  While He Was Napping definitely could not support my family (or even my craft addiction).  It's a hobby, not a job.  

-What other ways are there to stay connected with While He Was Napping?
You can (and I encourage you to!) follow along in an RSS Feed, through email or with Google Friend Connect. You'll never miss a post with those.  I also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and am a pinning fool on Pinterest.  You can also find me on Etsy.

-What's the best way to contact you?
Email.  I get my email on my phone and that thing is glued to my palm.  It will, by far, be the quickest way to get a response from me.  I usually respond within 24 hours.  whilehewasnapping[at]gmail[dot]com.

-What's your blog schedule?
Right now, I don't really have a schedule.  I try to post 3-4 times a week, at least.  But we are expecting another baby in February 2012 and as that time gets closer, posts may decrease a little bit for a little while.  Don't worry, I won't drop off the face of the bloggy earth.  Promise.  As soon as I get my zombie mommy brain under control, I'll be back to a more steady schedule.

- What's the most popular part of your blog?
My printables are my most consistently popular things on my blog.  Occasionally, something will get pinned to Pinterest or shared on Facebook or another blog and that will boost those numbers.  But, for the most part, it's the printables.

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