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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Autumn Subway Art Printable

So, it still gets up into the 90’s here everyday.  We still put the sunshades up in the windshield and we’re still leaving the car windows cracked when we go into the store.  Flip flops and t-shirts are still the uniform of casual wear.  My boots and scarves and hats are still packed away in their boxes.  Even so, autumn (and winter) will be here before ya know it, so in order to get things kicked off on the right foot…


Brown Autumn Subway

Click on the image to download a watermark-free version of any of these pieces.  If you do something with them, I’d love to see it.  Enjoy!

        Brown Back & Yellow Subway Orange & Brown Subway   

        Red & Brown Subway Yellow & Brown Subway

   Makes you wanna pull the scarves and boots outta the closet, huh? 




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