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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Case Of Emergency Kit

Some of the men in my life are SOO hard to gift for.  My husband is the kind that is incredibly particular about what he wants.  He is a computer geek to the max.  And I am not.  I don't know enough to get "the good stuff".  My dad is one of those guys that has everything and wants nothing.  Except he doesn't really have everything, he just doesn't care.  So, Christmas is rough.  I have to get them both gifts!  So, this past Christmas, they both got an In Case Of Emergency Kit.  It was a fairly inexpensive gift, $15-$20.  I got most of the stuff at the Dollar Tree.  This fits under the seat in my dad's truck and in the back of our Jeep.

Here's the How:
- #10 Can with lid
- Variety of items.  Examples:  Utility knife, electrical tape, duct tape, rain poncho, individually packaged and sealed beef jerky, individually packaged trail mix, rope, bungee cords, water purification tablets, band-aids, triple antibiotic ointment, flash light and extra batteries, tissues, small screwdriver set, small sewing kit, manicure set, chapstick, matches, superglue, toilet paper, emergency blanket, hand sanitizer, tire gauge, shoelaces, heat pack, lighter, alcohol swabs, aspirin, eye drops, other first aid items, ect.

1.  Put all your items inside your can.  I had to unwrap some of the items.  Some didn't fit in the can in the packages and some of the items I split between my dad's kit and my hubby's kit.

2.  I made labels to attach to the front of the cans.  And a contents label for the back.  I just taped the lids shut with packing tape.  I wanted an easy way to seal the can, but I want it to be easy to get into as well.  Since, well, "emergency" usually means "hurry".

You can download the labels at 4shared.  The first link is the main label.  There are two variations of the contents label.  You can download the image and make any needed changes in Paint or Photoshop.

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