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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bundles of Baby: Pamper Mommy Package

New babies are lots of fun.  Lots of work, but still fun.  After all the sleepless nights and stressful days, momma could use a little TLC (and a nap!).  With this kit, she'll have some of the basics every new momma needs.  Ready to put your own Pamper Mommy Package together?

Here's the How:
- Bath Salts (I made my own from sea salt, epsom salts, and essential oils).  What momma couldn't use a soak in a nice hot tub?  And the salts will help things heal up...
- Sugar Scrub (Again, made my own.  Find the recipe HERE.  Or purchase some HERE).  Some days with a newborn make you feel like you are completely caked in spit up, urine and other bodily fluids.  Scrub it off with some gentle cleansing sugar scrub.

- Decadently-scented lip balm (Again, made my own.  You can purchase some HERE).  I always get chapped lips, especially in the winter time, when I'm breastfeeding (or pumping, in this case).  Lip balm isn't often high on the priority list with a newborn.

- Hand Cream (Yep, made my own once again).  How many times a day does a new momma wash her hands?  A thick, moisturizing hand cream will help restore the dry, chappy skin that washing your hands brings.

*If you would like to purchase your own little kit, let me know.  I'll set you up with a reserved listing on Etsy and get you a deal.

1.  Whether you use purchased items or make your own, you'll need something cute to put it in.  This could be anything from a cute gift bag to something more like the mini paint can I used.
2.  Arrange your items in your bag or other container.  Wrap up nice and pretty.  And give to a mommy-in-need.

Other things you might consider putting in your Pamper Mommy Package:
- hair ties
- sleep mask
- yummy smelling body wash, shampoo and conditioner
- body spray
- hand sanitizer
- take out menus with some cash
- chocolates or other favorite treats
- a new nail polish color (and offer to paint her nails...)

Do you have any other ideas of what to include in a gift for a new momma?  Leave a comment...

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  1. I wish someone would have made me one of these babies when I had a baby! Cute idea!


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