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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Idaho Tacos

I posted this waaay back when this blog was brand spanking new, nearly two and a half years ago.  So, I figured it wouldn't hurt to revisit it with a little update.  After all it is, still, one of our regulars.  A tasty mix of baked potatoes and taco toppings.  Yum.


- Baked Potatoes (Enough for your family)
- Sliced olives
- Sour cream
- Steamed Broccoli
- Shredded cheese
- Shredded lettuce
- Diced tomatoes
- Sliced mushrooms
- Ground hamburger
- Salsa
- Sliced Green Onions
- Cheese Sauce
- Any other taco toppings you enjoy (yes, taco toppings)

1.  Wash and wrap your potatoes like you normally would for a baked potato - Wrapped in foil, 450F, 45ish minutes.
2.  Chop, slice, dice and in any other way prepare the toppings.  Steam the broccoli, slice the mushrooms, ect.  We put each topping in it's own bowl and then everyone adds what they want to their potato.
3.  When the potatoes are tender (stab it with a fork or knife) take them out of the oven and unwrap the foil.  Top with your prepared taco toppings.
4.  Serve.  We always do buffet style.  Everyone gets just what they want.  

It may sound a little weird... but I promise it's delish!  And way easy, right?  It's a meal Mr. Napping enjoyed growing up and brought to our little family when we married.  They used to say (okay, they still do) that "if you have to go back for seconds or can't finish your firsts, you didn't make it right."  It took me a few tries to get what they meant, but it's so true.  You can eat just a bit or fill up like a king, depending on how much of the toppings you put on your potato.  Try it, I dare you...  Enjoy!

This post was written by Krista and originally appeared on While He Was Napping.
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