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Thursday, January 03, 2013

{Pin Testing} Making Bouncy Balls

This was a project from our Science Experiments & Art Projects Book that I made Little Monkey for his last birthday.  Okay, let me say this up front, I didn’t expect much with experiment and was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. 

We found the directions HERE and HERE.  They are the same directions at both links for the most part, just FYI.  Little Monkey helped me make our ball and my mom and sister each made one too.  Little Monkey and I used glitter glue, my mom used Elmer’s White Glue-All, and my sister used Elmer’s Blue Gel glue. 

The balls were even less bouncy than I anticipated.  It was kind of disappointing.  We also didn’t put them in baggies.  I wanted to see just how hard they would get.  Little Monkey ripped them apart the next day before they were completely dry, so… I don’t know how hard they would get if they’d dried completely.  They made better marbles than bouncy balls though.  Although the experiment didn’t work out like we were hoping, the balls were still pretty fun to play with anyway.  We used them as marbles and rolled them down a racing road toy Little Monkey has.  We will probably revisit this project and see if we can figure out where we blundered.  Or just make more marbles…   

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