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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Project GO-FO} Cupboard Baskets

So, this organizing thing is going slower than I anticipated.  I think part of it is because I have two little munchkins that set me back three steps for every one step I take.  Sound familiar, anyone... anyone at all?  Anyway, I was hoping to kind of move room by room.  It's turning into more of a project by project deal, rather than a whole room.  So, here's one for the kitchen.  I was getting so frustrated with the spice situation in my cupboard.  The cupboards are tall, so I have trouble reaching much higher than the first level of shelves.  And everything was getting lost if it wasn't right up front where I could see it.  So... I hung a few baskets for some extra storage.  Sorry for the awful glare in that first photo, the window is right there and was creating making it really difficult to get a decent photo.


- Baskets.  I used desk organizers I found at the Dollar Tree.
- Small 1/2 inch Screws
- Screwdriver
- Drill and small drill bit
- Pencil or Pen

- Decide where you want the baskets to hang.  Make sure they don't hit any shelves and take into account the width of your baskets.  You'll lose that much storage space at the  front of the shelf when you shut the cupboard.  I also recommend making sure your baskets are long enough that they hit both of the thick borders of the cupboard door.  That will give you a better chance of not poking through the cupboard door with your screws.
-  Use your pencil or pen and mark the spots on your doors.  Use the small drill bit and drill just a little bit into the door.  Be careful not to poke through the other side of the door!
-  Carefully, screw the basket to the door.
-  Fill up your baskets.

For $6, I drastically improved the way I use our cupboards.  I keep all of our frequently used spices and other things right there, front and center, in the baskets.  Things don't get lost at the back of the cupboards anymore because I can't see everything.  With the baskets, when I open the doors it pulls out a third of the things on that shelf, making it SOOO much easier to see the things that are at the back.

Easy, cheap and super effective.  I am in L. O. V. E.

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  1. I have GOT to do this. I'm headed to the dollar store soon!

  2. Great idea! I have tall cabinets as well and would love to be able to see what's behind door number 2 without grabbing the ladder. :) Found you through Works for Me.

  3. Found you on Ginger Snaps. Looks great! You should link up to my organization link party....

  4. This is such a fantastic idea! I love how they turned out.

  5. You are a genius!!! I can use more space in our cabinets since we don't have a pantry so this is so helpful...thanks! Also, I can totally relate to you on having so many projects on the to do list but having to tackle them on your children's schedule!!
    Selene from

    1. By the way I just became a follower and pinned this!

  6. THIS I can do.. thanks so much for this genius idea and for sharing where you got your baskets.
    I have several area in my new home where this will really come in handy.
    new follower

  7. Great idea! Found you at One Project at a Time!
    Kim @


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