Bead Bird’s Nest Necklace

These aren’t new.  In fact, I’m a little (okay, a lot) late for this jewelry trend.  But, my momma’s 50th birthday was last weekend and I was in need of a gift.  I wanted something a little nicer than just flowers or IOU coupons or something.  Fifty only comes once!  However, I also didn’t have money for a big purchase, or even a little purchase really.  It was down to whatever I could make with what I had in my house.  I went through my pinterest boards, looking for some pinspiration and landed on this little gem – no pun intended.


– Beads
– Jewelry Wire
– Scissors or Needle Nose Pliers with a Wire Cutter
– Jump Ring
– Necklace Chain
– Small Piece of Felt
I actually used the tutorial on and she does such a great job at explaining the process that I’m just going to link you there, because it’s that awesome.  Annnnd… I didn’t take photos, as I was using both of my hands to wrangle the wire.  Besides, I’d be totally embarrassed to show you my out-of-focus, one-handed cell phone photos and then send you to Sarah’s blog with her amazing photos.  So, just go get the directions, with some awesome photos for clarification, over at Sarah Ortega.
**I did do a couple things differently than Sarah.  I actually wrapped my wire through the space in between the beads twice, because I was having such a hard time getting it to wrap around the beads and stay together.  May it’s just that I’m totally uncoordinated, but it seemed to help.  I wrapped it once and then went back around all three beads with another few layers of wire.  I also wrapped it three to five times, instead of just three.
I did use a jump ring to attach the nest to the necklace, like Sarah mentions.  However, I took a small piece of felt, cut it smaller than the back of my nest and hot glued it to the back.  I did this for a couple reasons.  First, because I didn’t want my mom to get scratched with the end of the wire, should it work loose.  I also did it so the wire isn’t ice cold if she wears the necklace during the winter… brrr, I hate that!  Also, I thought I made it look a little less ‘open’ through the back of the nest, since I didn’t wrap my wire super tight.**

This nest necklace was super easy and took me maybe half an hour from start to finish.  I had all the materials on hand, but you could purchase everything for less than $15 easily.  Not only that, it’s personalizable.  The color of beads I used were just colors my mom likes, but you could use birth stone colors and make it even more meaningful.  There are currently three grandkids, two boys and a girl.  Two blue beads and one silver bead, get it?  Perfect Mother’s Day gift… it’s just around the corner, so I know you’re looking for ideas, right…?

This post was written by Krista and originally appeared on While He Was Napping.


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