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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kid's Felt Road/Track Set

This was actually one of Monkey's Christmas gifts.  Yep, I am really THAT slow.  It actually was a pretty easy project and only took two hours or so, minus drying time.  When I, or Santa, gave it to him... well, he didn't really play with it much.  I'm not sure it's just because there were so many new toys or what.  But he loves these now.


- 36"x36" Felt Sheet (I got mine at Michael's in the kid's craft section for about $4)
- Yellow Puffy or Dimensional Fabric Paint (bought mine at Wal-Mart for $1)
- Good scissors - they don't have to be good, but it'll make your life easier!

- I just free-handed the different shapes and lengths of road pieces.  I used a piece of chalk and drew the shape, making minor adjustments until I was happy with it.
-  Then I cut out the pieces I'd drawn and used them as a pattern for the other pieces so there was some continuity in them.  You can make the road any shape you want, but these are the shapes and quantities I used:
2 - Semi Circles (They can make roundabouts or sharp curves)
2 - Swoopys (Creates a little jog in the road)
8 - Large Corners
8 - Small Corners
4 - Short Straights
8 - Medium Straights
12 - Long Straights

 - Once all the pieces are cut out, lay them out and draw the yellow lines down the middle of each piece with the puffy paint.  Let them dry completely.  The only pieces you need to put lines on both sides are the swoopy pieces.
- I had the idea to put velcro on the ends of the pieces, but that was more work than I wanted to take on at Christmastime.  Monkey is just careful and doesn't complain about it.  The only issue is when Gator want to play too, but he plays Godzilla...

These are super nice because they are compact.  We can pack the whole set into a gallon size zipper bag and take them with us anywhere.  They are machine washable, should Gator grab the pieces with graham cracker goobers all over his hands.  They are durable and soft and a favorite at our house.  Totally worth a little bit of my time to have happy boys... Now I just need to make another set for Gator...

Now available in my Etsy Shop.

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