{Mabey She Made It} Pillow Shams to Body Pillow Case

Lisa is back again today and has a pure genius idea to spruce up your bed!  I am always excited to see what Lisa sends each month.  She has some crazy amazing ideas and is a whiz with a sewing machine.  So, here she is:


Hi While He Was Napping readers! I’m Lisa Mabey, and I’m back to share another tutorial with you! I blog at Mabey She Made It about DIY projects, crafting, and sewing.

Have you ever gotten a new bed set and wished that there was a matching body pillow cover? My mom likes to put a body pillow on every bed instead of separate pillows, so when she got a new set, she asked if I’d turn the two shams included into a body pillow cover. I thought she was brilliant. So I did. Here’s how I did it if you’d like to follow along! Here are the shams I started with:

First, I measured the body pillow. It’s (obviously) a different shape than your shams, so we’ll have to alter them just a bit. My body pillow was a little shorter than the combined length of the two shams, so I needed to shorten the shams. I cut the opposite ends of the shams open so that the combined length of the shams was about 1″ longer than the length of the body pillow.

Then I turned one sham inside out, and stuffed one inside the other so the right sides were together.

Now pin the front of the shams together (right sides together) making sure to align the design of the shams and the top and bottom seams.

Then sew all the way around to make a long tube. I also measured the height of the pillow, and adjusted the height of my shams to be 1″ bigger than the pillow once the two shams were connected. Now, all you have to do is slide your body pillow into one of the envelope slots (I actually used both slots to help get such a long pillow inside the case) and make your bed. Here it is before:

And after the sham transformation! 

It’s a pretty easy fix, but I love how it gives you more freedom to dress your bed how you’d like while not having to buy an extra body pillow cover. And it’s fewer pillows to take off the bed at the the end of the night. I like that part too! If you’d like to see more of what I’m up to, please come visit me over at Mabey She Made It!

Genius, didn’t I tell you!?

 What a smart lady (sounds like her momma is pretty smart too)! Make sure you head over and check out more of Lisa’s awesomeness.  Be patient though, she’s had some problems with her blog recently and is working like a crazy lady to get it all put back together.  You can check out all of last month’s posts!

This post was written by Krista and originally appeared on While He Was Napping.


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