Kids Spring Activities Jar

10 Educational, Fun and Easy Springtime Activities for the Kids

What’s your weather been like lately?  Are you still snowed in and it just keeps falling?  Or, are you more like me, and the sunshine has been filling your days?  This is probably one of my favorite things about living in the desert.  The winters have been pretty mild the last few years and it […]

Triple Chocolate Thin Mint Brownie Pie

The Best Triple Chocolate Thin Mint Brownie Pie

Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us.  Have you put your order in yet?  Are the little tables set up outside your local stores with cute little piggytailed girls pushing cookie goodness on you?  I love Girl Scout cookies and we usually will buy a box or two to support those aspiring little entrepreneurs, but […]

Liege Waffles Hero

Liege Waffles: The Most Amazing Waffles on Earth

After my brother-in-law raved about liege waffles on one of our trips to Utah, we decided we needed to try them.  But, we just never had time to do it while we were there.  That didn’t deter my sweet husband and he opted to try them at home.  We hit a snag, but I’ll get […]

DIY Pearl Sugar Hero

How to DIY Pearl Sugar and it’s Super Cheap

Pearl Sugar.  Ever heard of if?  I hadn’t until my brother-in-law was raving about liege waffles.  There’s actually lots of things you can do with pearl sugar though.  In our quest to try liege waffles, we found it wasn’t super easy to find and the price tag was a bit steep.  Good news, though.  You […]

Mystery Prize Pack Giveaway

Mystery Prize Pack Giveaway

So, last weekend I made my 10,000th pin on Pinterest… Yes, hello, my name is Krista and I have a problem.  Lucky for me, a great many other people can relate and I bet I can find a support group when I decide to kick the habit, but that won’t be happening anytime soon.  But […]

buttery cresent rolls recipe

Amazingly Flaky Cresent Rolls That are to Die For

When I married Mr Napping, I got lucky.  He’s all kinds of amazing; one of my favorite kinds is that he bakes bread.  And he is fantastic at it.  I do alright baking bread, but he is really good at it.  And he enjoys it.  We have both made this recipe and they always turn […]

Valentine's Day Dinner the whole family will love

A Valentine’s Day Dinner the Whole Family Will Love

This post is sponsored by Krusteaz.  I was provided with product for this post, but all content within is completely my own, 100% honest and original.  Cross my heart. Around our home, Valentine’s Day is a family affair.  Mr Napping and I have usually been out in the last week to celebrate our anniversary, so […]

DripDrop - how to have more energy while you're on the road

How to Have More Energy on the Road

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and DripDrop®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DrinkDripDrop #DripDropHydrates”   Since I have become a mom, and the unofficial trip coordinator for our family, I can tell you firsthand that preparing for and traveling with children […]

How to Instantly Access Favorite Websites From Your Phone

How to Instantly Access Favorite Websites From Your Phone

As a blogger, I will tell you that I am pretty much always connected to the web.  Or I can connect to the web in a matter of minutes.  That’s where my people are, and a huge part of blogging is connecting to my community.  I am a work-at-home mom, but a lot of my work actually happens on […]

25 Feel-Good Movies for the Family

25 Feel-Good Movies for the Family

Photos are Amazon affiliate links.  If you are interested in watching these movies, you can click the photos and see a variety of ways to access the films.  I will receive a (terribly, incredibly, very) small portion of any sale.  Thank you for your support!  We love a good movie night.  That is often the way […]

Open When Date Night Printable Kit

A Year of Dates Printables Kit – Open When… Date Kit

I mentioned last week that I had a bigger project using the 100+ Date Ideas post that went up last Wednesday.  You’ve seen the “Open When…” letter idea, right?  I first saw the idea as something to include in a care package of a deployed soldier and thought that was such a great idea!  What a […]

Pomegranite Lemon Cake from a box

Pomegranate Lemon Cake

There is something about lemon cake that I just love.  While most other cakes are rich and sweet, lemon cake has an added freshness, a crispness, that makes it a perfect light dessert.  Not necessarily light in calories, unfortunately for my waistline, but light in a different way.  A way that leaves me wanting more. […]

100+ Date Ideas

100+ Date Night Ideas

  Ah, February.  It’s right around the corner.  February has a reputation for love, but it’s even more so for me.  Mr Napping and I got married on a cold, wintry day in February because we were crazy, didn’t care we were dirt poor and believed the love in our hearts would warm our little […]

Box Couch Upcycle

Kid’s Box Couch: The Boxtrolls Family Movie Night

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Universal Pictures, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BoxtrollsFamilyNite”   The Boxtrolls is now on DVD!  I picked it up at Wal-Mart last week and we decided to take the chance and make the release into a […]